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personalized practice



Sessions may include, but are not limited to:
  • weekly check-ins at flexible times to match your schedule
  • customized practices including asana, pranayama, kriya, mudra, mantra, tratak, and meditation techniques
  • incorporating complementary modalities: ayurveda,         qi gong, nei gong, tai chi, pilates, and movement therapy
  • personal feedback, guidance, and attunement
  • assistance in developing your own daily sadhana
  • overcoming obstacles to your practice
  • applying what you practice on the mat to your daily life​
To assist you in making the commitment to grow your practice, mentorships are offered as a 4-week series, in your choice of two formats:
once weekly check-ins  ~  $160
twice weekly check-ins  ~  $240
The rates above are for the entire 4 weeks, offered at a considerable discount in light of the challenging times we are all currently navigating.
The first step is deciding to begin.
Follow the link below to schedule an intro consultation.
jayadevi jayavati yoga private mentor lesson
Private mentoring sessions are an opportunity for you to deepen your practice by working one-on-one with a teacher who can devote full attention to your needs. The unique relationship developed through mentoring creates a container to hold us steady in the process of transformation, and provides the structure of accountability that allows the serious student to cultivate discipline for staying power in their own sadhana. If you have felt lost, unseen, or under-served in group classes, personal attention will help you find your path. Together we will co-create a practice tailored to your individual nature.

Private sessions may be of exceptional benefit to you during this time that we are sheltering at home. Online group yoga classes can miss the feeling of true student/teacher connection, and often lack the advantages of having a teacher who can see every student and offer personal guidance and adjustments. Practicing only in this way can often lead to stagnation and allows for the repetition of unsafe patterns. My intention in offering personalized sessions is to enrich your experience of practicing at home, so that you are not merely maintaining, but continuing to find pathways for growth.
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